Alumni Student Mentorship Programme (ASMP) is an initiative by Student Alumni Relations Cell with an objective of creating a platform to foster relationships between alumni mentors and students that last forever. ASMP achieves this aim by bringing together alumni mentors and student mentees through various events to help form a rapport and strengthen the connection between them, thus enhancing the IITB Alumni network.

Sneak Peek


B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering

Retail Program Manager, Apple

Manages programs that improve operational capabilities of Apple's supply chain.He has led several global cross-functional teams and successfully implemented projects in various areas of supply chain planning.



Dual Degree, Mechanical Engineering

Senior. Engineering Manager, Tesla

An Engineering Manager at Tesla. Former Product Development Eng. in Lime Lab. Has done M.Sc in Mech Eng. from Stanford University. Interested in Mech Engineering, Product design, Electronics, Auto-pilot, sensors and engineering management.

Core Engineering


B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering

Deputy Development Commissioner cum Chief Executive Officer, Zila Parishad, Government of Bihar

An IAS officer of 2016 batch, Bihar Cadre. Looking after public administration of the district (Vaishali, Bihar) in general, and development administration to be specific.

Civil Services


M.Des., Industrial Design Centre

Head- Styling Studio, Escorts Limited

He is a versatile Automotive Designer. He has diverse experience in nurturing many award winning styling/design projects in automotive, agricultural and construction equipment domains.



Dual Degree, Electrical Engineering

Vice President, WorldQuant

He works majorly in the domain of Quantitative Finance and Algorithmic Trading. He has interned at Adobe Research and Tata Research, published research papers in Deep Learning.



M.Sc., Physics

Global Operations Director, HCL

He is working as a Global Operations Director in the fields of Banking and Software at HCL. He has been working at HCL for more than 14 years.



B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering

Vice President-Product Management, J P Morgan Chase

His core focus is on designing and developing counter-intuitive strategies. He has a good understanding of: Monetization Strategies, Product Strategies & Business Strategies.



B.Tech., Chemical Engineering

Senior Associate, Strategy and BizOps, Google

He has worked at Bacile Calmette-Guerin between 2014-2019. Then went to pursue MBA at Wharton 2019-2021. Currently he is working as a senior associate at Google

Management consulting


B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering

Vice-President, Infosys BPM Ltd

He is currently handling a $200M business for Infosys BPOM Ltd. His areas of experience and expertise include IT and allied services across sales, solutions and operations.



M.Tech., Humanities & Social Science

Program Manager, PayPal India

He is a Learning and education program specialist with experience of working in payments and insurance companies. A professional skilled in delivery of learning Programs and consulting



M.Tech., Electrical Engineering

Senior Software Engg/ Data Scientist, Microsoft

He mostly builds large scale data science applications for Bing shopping team. He has interned at BROCADE as a Senior Software Engineer. working at microsoft from last 6 years.



DD, Electrical Engineering

Senior Director- Strategy and Operations, Mckinsey

He heads strategy for ShareChat, a Bangalore based startup valued at ~ 3Billion USD and backed by Twitter, Snapchat, Tiger Global, Temasek etc. Senior technical Product Manager at Synopsys

Strategy consulting


B.Tech., Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science

Head Product Management, Amazon

Ex-Lead data-enabled products for OYO US growth. He also led operations for a silicon valley rockstar start-up. Angel investor & advisor to kickass start-up PurpleTutor & Growisto.



B.Tech., Chemical Engineering

Executive Director, UBS Group AG

Co-head Group Strategic Planning. He has 19+ years experience in banking in New York and London, in leading teams with global financial Institutes in New York and London. "



Dual Degree, Civil Engineering

Assistant Vice President, WhiteHat Jr.

He works in setting up student success and curriculum programs at Whitehat Jr. He did a PGP from IIMC and graduated in 2017. He previously worked at UpGrad and Toppr.





As a college student, it is often tough to get corrective guidance from an experienced individual. The student community around us is just as inexperienced as us. This is where ASMP appealed to me. Experienced alumni with tremendous professional experience mentor students to help us align our core priorities. Dynamic guidance ensures that we get the right advice at the right time to maximise output and streamline efforts so that we don't get any wake-up calls when placements come knocking a few years down the line. My expectations were realised when my mentor helped me chart out a short term (1-2 years) career plan. I wanted to explore and discover my interests. He guided me by planning and mapping all the opportunities in the respective fields. He also gave me a Gullu treat on the first day to help break the ice!
Concluding, I would like to suggest to all the future mentees that it is always best to help your mentors relate to you. Enhancing relatability will work wonders if you have picked a mentor who is quite similar to you. I feel it is a bit trivial to ask about academics from the alumni mentors. However, you should use it as the first step to learning networking. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn from their perspective since they have gained quite some professional experience after their journey in IIT

Vinayak Jauhari

In my first year, I was confused about preparing for the profile or job I wanted. I soon discovered that there were a lot of students with aims similar to mine. It was then that I decided to participate in ASMP. My mentor gave me some of the most valuable suggestions that have helped me prepare for the placements. Initially, it does take time to break the ice and to get familiar with the mentor. During our first interaction, I hesitated a lot in asking him about his private and professional life. He understood my doubts and told me not to be frightened and call him whenever I wanted. Since then, we were in regular touch and I was able to clear my doubts freely. Because of this homogeneity of thought and experience, ASMP shines above all the other types of mentorship that IIT offers. I would conclude by saying that mentees should always try to get along with their mentors as you do with your elder brother or friends and ask all kinds of doubts. It’s better to ask now than to regret your decisions later.

Vavilapalli Venkat Sai

ASMP beautifully connects talent with the relevant mentor; I was given the option of pitching from a pool of brilliant alumni.From experience, I can confirm that the mentors provided in this program are one of the best! Not only successful in their respective fields, but they are also kind and understanding- which is what appealed to me the most in this program. Once the program started, I was able to strongly connect with the right person. We spoke about our careers and lives. And he assigned me a few tasks to help me cope with my current situation and achieve my dreams. All in all, the programme was enjoyable and educational. The entire procedure paved my steps to reach the right place. I am ever thankful to SARC for this platform and of course, to my mentor, Mr. Saharsha.

Antariksh Bothale


As an alumnus of such a premier institute, I have always wished to maintain a deep connection with IIT. ASMP gave me an excellent platform to mentor students while also maintaining a relationship with the institute. Besides, I enjoy mentoring students, so it was also a good fit from that point of view! As a mentor in ASMP, I was presented with a unique opportunity: help your mentees grow academically and professionally by sharing your perspective and experiences! I successfully guided a few of my mentees and felt really happy I was able to help. I still remember one of my mentees, who introduced himself via email. He also had a series of doubts about his career options. Clearly, he had the spark, and I had the match! We stayed in touch for the time he was in college through periodic texts and a few calls. I used to guide him in course selection, internship applications, interview preparation and the like. Honestly, the best interactions have been with mentees who were clear about what they wanted from me and maintained an ongoing relationship rather than just contacting me one-off. Therefore my suggestion would be to remain in active contact with your alumni mentors and keep them updated about your academic progress while also utilising our guidance to pave your way towards your desired career.


1. Click on the menu tab at the top right corner.
2. A list of options will appear, click on register.
3. In the sign up option, enter all your details (use your ldap id to login)
4. After entering all details, click generate otp.
5. You will receive your otp on your webmail. It may take 2-3 minutes for you to get the otp, be patient and do not click on the generate otp option multiple times.
6. When you enter the otp, you will be redirected to the portal with the list of mentors.
7. When you log in to the website again, you just need to go to login and enter email and password to login.
1. Mentors can be filtered on the basis of their fields
2. Mentors need to be added to a wishlist (maximum of 25).
3. Among the mentors wishlisted, you may choose up to 5 mentors and fill their preference order.
4. The mentors and preference data will be saved if you wish to logout.
5. If a lot of students have chosen a specific mentor, you will not be able to submit him/her as a preference.
You will be allocated a mentor or be given further information regarding your allocation within 15 days.
Your mentor is being assigned to you for a year, officially, but most people build lifelong bonds with their mentors and remain in touch even after the programme ends.
Register with your LDAP ID. You'll receive an OTP in your webmail to verify the same. Once registered, you can easily login with your LDAP email and the password you chose while signing up. If this doesn't work out, contact an ASMP coordinator as soon as possible.
You will receive emails notifying you about all the updates regarding the allocation. You will also receive contact details of your allocated mentor and information about the interactive sessions scheduled by us via email.
Your personal details such as your name, roll number, and contact information will remain confidential till the allocation procedure. Only the allocated mentor will have access to your contact information.
A mentor will be allocated to you based on your preferences and SOPs after the registration is completed. You have to initiate the conversation with your mentor and then you can mutually decide the way ahead. We will also have a few follow-ups for your assistance.



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Omkar Chavan