About Us

Alumni Student Mentorship Programme, an initiative by Student Alumni Relations Cell aims at creating a platform to foster meaningful mentoring relationships between alumni and current students. ASMP achieves this objective by bringing together alumni mentors and student mentees, and conducts various events to enrich their mentoring experience.

Infographics: Mentors in different fields

Infographics: Mentors of different branches


Break The Ice

After the mentees are put in touch with mentors, they are invited over a lunch which is aimed at fostering personal interaction and a platform for kick-starting meaningful discussion.

Mentor Mentee Meetup

MMM is an open house discussion between mentor and mentees aimed at assessment and evaluation of the current ASMP structure and execution through the lens of both alumni and students.

Group Mentoring

Mentors are invited to interact with a group of 4-5 students. Unlike attending a career talk, group mentoring is a brief 2-sided approach towards giving students insight towards a career option where they can direct the discussion towards the relevent domain.

Shadow Programme

ASMP arranges student visits to the office or the work place of mentors giving mentees an opportunity, a peek in the professional life of the mentors as well as the functioning of the industry they are interested in.